Pet Benefits

Keep Your Pets Happy & Healthy for Less!

Starting at $6.95/mo

Vet Service Savings

No forms to fill out, no deductibles to meet, and you’ll never be denied a claim for any reason.

Lost Pet Recovery Service

Our Lost Pet Recovery Service brings your furry family member back where they belong, giving you complete peace of mind.

On-call Veterinary Experts

Call, Email or Chat live with WhiskerDocs® veterinary experts. The team of telehealth specialists have years of experience in helping pet parents make the best decisions for your pet’s health and wellbeing.

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Pet Insurance

We make pet insurance simple, which means being clear on what's covered:


Our Accident and Illness plans are designed to be there when you need them, allowing you to focus more on the health of your pet and less on costly veterinary bills.


Hypothyroidism, Digestive Issues, Broken Bones, Broken Bones, Cancer, IVDD, Toxin Ingestion, ACL Injuries and more.


MRIs & CT scans, Medications, Surgery, Hospitalization, X-Rays, Alternative + holistic treatments, Ultrasounds, Nutritional Supplements and more.

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